Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bluff Point State Park & Coastal Reserve

Hello, everyone.

Not so much a hike this week as a nice long walk. The Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve in Groton, Connecticut has a 3.5 gravel road that winds its way along the coast of the Long Island Sound and through hardwood forest.  The park is popular, and we shared the road with fishermen, walkers (with and without dogs) and cyclists.

 After about 1.25 miles, the trail reaches an intersection. The path to the right takes you out along Bushy Point Beach, where a few wild beach roses were still blooming late into the fall.

 Just past the beach, a narrow trail leads off from the gravel road and winds its way along the point. As the trail rounds the point, the pebble beaches along the Poquonnock River turn into rocky coastline.

There is a natural area preserve along the coast of Mumford's Cove.

From here, the roads goes back into the forest for the last 1.25 miles back to the parking lot. (There is trail that leaves the road to the right at the ruins of Winthrop House, which will make the hike longer, but does go back out toward Mumford Cove).

It was a beautiful afternoon. Even better, we found the perfect place for dinner  - Ford's Lobsters in Groton/Noank.

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